Concrete Admixtures & Additions

We have a number of Admixtures and Fibres available to be added to your mix. Contact our team to find out more.


1. Ground Preparation

Make sure your ground surface is prepared for your concrete floor installation following our in depth concrete floor preparation guide. 

2. Aggregate / Hardcore Layer

To ensure your concrete floor is stable and crack free, you must add a good crushed aggregate or hardcore base layer. Find out what to use here.


3. Concrete Floor Reinforcement

Reinforcing your concrete is important, especially for areas bearing heavy loads. Use our guide to find out what concrete floor reinforcement you need.

4. What Concrete Strength?

Concrete comes in a variety of different strengths. Our guide will tell you what the right concrete strength mix you need for your concrete floor.

5. Concrete Curing / Aftercare

Even concrete needs a degree of aftercare to ensure that it cures properly & remains crack free. Follow our step by step process.

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What Admixtures Or Fibres Can I Add To My Concrete?

The most important step in this guide is to make sure you have prepared the site correctly for us to deliver your concrete. The total floor area must be accurately measured so that you know how much concrete to order, but don’t worry if you’re a little bit out… that’s the beauty of ordering volumetric concrete.

The surface area is measured by Length x Width x Depth. Remember to allow additional depth for both your sub base (roughly 100mm) and your damp proof membrane. Please use 365 Concrete’s Free Concrete Calculator if you need help.

If you are building on a pre-existing soil base the ground must be compact with all stones, plant material and debris completely removed. A solid, compact ground helps you achieve a smoother concrete surface without cracking.


To increase your concretes workability whilst maintaining its water to cement ratio or increase the concretes compressive strength with a lower water to cement ratio. It’s uses include when pumping over long distances or when pouring deep sections that are harder to compact. Producing a tougher more durable concrete mix.

Water Reducing Agent (WRA)

Reduce the amount of water needed and enhance the durability of the concrete by improving both the density and impermeability without affecting the setting characteristics. To be used when looking to increase workability without affecting strength, ideal for all concrete C20 and above except dry mixes.

Air Entraining Agent (AEA)

Used to improve freeze-thaw and scaling resistance and to prolong service life. The improved cohesion and compaction can also enhance quality and durability. Ideal for domestic driveways, already used in PAV1 & PAV2 mixes.

Polypropylene Fibres

These Fibres are used to increase the homogeneity of the fresh mix, slowing down the bleed rate and reducing plastic shrinkage cracking. Most suitable for screeds as the fibres provide durability and reduce surface cracking.

Foaming Agent

A highly aerated mortar/paste, typically containing 30 to 80% air bubbles by volume. Typically, low strengths are sought for void and trench filling applications. A highly workable, low density material generally self-levelling & self-compacting.


To increase either the rate of stiffening or setting of the concrete or the rate of hardening and early strength gain to allow earlier formwork striking and demoulding. A benefit when used in winter as concrete can be placed with reduced risk of frost damage.


Used to delay the setting time of the concrete. To be used in hot weather to counteract the harmful results of heat on the concrete mix, however good site practice can be more effective than the additive. Otherwise, widely used in dry screed to allow time to lay the screed.

Corrosion Inhibitors

To enhance the long-term durability of reinforced concrete by enhancing passivation to the cathodic and/or anodic areas of embedded steel.

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