Volumetric Concrete Suppliers

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Volumetric Concrete Benefits


Fast concrete delivery, up to 1m3 per minute


Concrete mixed on site, no waste or over ordering


Can mix either concrete or screed


Mix different strengths of concrete on the fly


Additional reach of 5m with extendable chutes

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Volumetric Concrete Suppliers

Getting your concrete order correct can sometimes be a lot harder than expected, especially for first time customers. One of the most common issues customers can face is ordering too much or too little. This is often a frustrating experience and can lead to complications and loss of time. 365 Concrete were the first UK concrete company to exclusively use a fleet of state of the art Volumetric concrete mixers, which means that we are able to mix your concrete on site and means you only ever pay for what you use, with no over ordering or waste.

The Right Concrete Team

Our team of professional concrete technicians are able to mix whatever strength concrete you need on site, and using our advanced volumetric concrete mixers, we can change the strength of the mix on the fly. This makes us perfect for jobs that require different strengths in different areas. With 365 Concrete you only pay for what you use, with no mess or fuss. Quality concrete and a competitive price.

How Volumetric Concrete Works

Using our fleet of Volumetric trucks makes mixing concrete easy and quick, with a fantastic end product for the customer. We pride ourselves on only using high grade materials to ensure you get the best quality concrete. Want to know more? Here’s how it works!

  1. We use the on board control panel to set the exact concrete strength and mix.
  2. The trucks conveyor belt begins moving the aggregate into the mixing area of the auger.
  3. At the same time, the cement and water are added using the trucks hopper and a hose.
  4. The raw materials are mixed at the bottom part of the auger and using a corkscrew design, pushed through to the end of the auger.
  5. Fresh, perfectly mixed concrete exits the auger and slides down the chute into it’s required destination.

PremierMBP Volumetric Mixer Sellers

We only buy our Volumetric mixers from PremierMBP.com, the leading suppler of Volumetric mixers in the UK. With the ProAll Reimer Mixer from Premier MBP, we are able to use cutting edge batching technology to produce your quality concrete.

For more information about their Volumetric Mixer range, visit PremierMBP.com

Free Concrete Calculator

Use our concrete calculator and get an estimate on how much concrete you need.

I had 365 Concrete do my driveway in Shepperton. They’re local and I try to support local business anyway, but I’m glad I picked them. The driver was very helpful and able to back the truck up and pour direct the concrete direct to the driveway. A great bit of kit.

I was dreading having to shift that concrete alone so that was a welcome sight. Top team and great service. Will use again on future projects.


Home Owner, Shepperton

Get a FREE quote, tap here or call: 0208 751 0101

We only mix what you need

Only pay for what you use

Same & next day delivery available

2 hour delivery window
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365 Concrete are specialists in both Domestic and Commercial ready mix concrete with over 40 years of experience. We can supply concrete same day within 2 hours and you only pay for what you use.


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