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Volumetric Concrete

Quality concrete, accurately mixed onsite using innovative Volumetric Mixers. Never over pay for concrete again!

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What Is Volumetric Concrete?

Volumetric concrete is mixed using a Volumetric Truck, the more technical term is a Mobile Batching Plant. Using a Volumetric concrete mixer means that we are able to transport the materials in dry form and mix them on-site. This process enables us to make a precise concrete mix and we are also able to adjust the mix on the fly, making adjustments where necessary.

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Is The Concrete Different?

Having your concrete delivered by a Volumetric Concrete Mixer means that you’re concrete is mixed onsite,  giving you the right mix of fresh concrete every time.

Does This Work With A Concrete Pump?

Yes it does! A Volumetric Machine can mix at delivery speeds of 1m3 per minute. The concrete can be produced constantly, keeping up with the concrete pumps speed.

Do We Still Need Wheel Barrows?

If we have good access and we are able to get close enough to the site, our auger system may be able to pour your concrete direct, eliminating the need for wheel barrows.

How Do I Order Volumetric Concrete?

Either use our contact us page or give or experienced team a call and let’s discuss your project. Whether it’s for domestic or commercial purposes, our Volumetric Mixers can handle it!

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  1. We use the on board control panel to set the exact concrete strength and mix.
  2. The trucks conveyor belt begins moving the aggregate into the mixing area of the auger.
  3. At the same time, the cement and water are added using the trucks hopper and a hose.
  4. The raw materials are mixed at the bottom part of the auger and using a corkscrew design, pushed through to the end of the auger.
  5. Fresh, perfectly mixed concrete exits the auger and slides down the chute into it’s required destination.

See our Volumetric vs Ready Mix comparison and learn why we chose to switch to Volumetric instead of Ready Mix.

How Does Volumetric Concrete Work?

Getting your concrete order correct can sometimes be a lot harder than expected, especially for first time customers. One of the most common issues customers can face is ordering too much or too little and this is often a frustrating experience and can lead to complications and loss of time.

Using a precise control system we are able to mix and calculate your concrete usage, measuring it by volume and in turn, exact metres, ensuring you only pay for what you use and never order order again. 365 Concrete were the first UK concrete company to exclusively use a fleet of state of the art Volumetric concrete mixers.

As Volumetric Concrete is only mixed on site, you are guaranteed to have fresh concrete every time, allowing you to have the maximum time possible to lay, level and finish off your concrete before it starts to dry, something that a Drum Mixer cannot offer.

365 Concrete are proud to endorse Premier MBP Ltd, suppliers of the leading Volumetric Concrete mixers in the UK. For more information visit premiermbp.com.

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Client Testimonials

365 Concrete rated 5 Stars on Google Reviews

4.9 Star Google Rating

“I had 365 Concrete do my driveway in Shepperton. They're local and I try to support local business anyway but I'm glad I picked them. The driver was very helpful and able to back the truck up and pour direct the concrete direct to the driveway.”

Danny S.

Home Owner

“Great price, even better service. Few of my crew let me down on the day but when I saw the truck I knew I'd be able to get a straight pour. Absolute result! Will be using them again.”

David V.


“I recently ordered 6 mtrs of concrete for a house project that I'm doing. The driver was incredibly helpful and the truck they used was able to pour straight onto the site which saved me a lot of time. Great service and decent price. Will be using them again for the rest of my project..”

Steve H.

Home Owner

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