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Concrete pump hire service in Berkshire, Surrey & Middlesex

Concrete Pump Hire

Professional concrete pump service with pump operator. Get to those hard to reach areas and get your concrete with ease!

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Concrete Pump Hire Service

Sometimes you need to have your concrete delivered to a particularly hard to reach area that may not be accessible for a concrete truck or your project may be on uneven or dangerous ground. A simple and cost effective solution to this is concrete pump hire available at 365 Concrete.

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How Far Can You Pump?

We can reach distances up to 100m with our Concrete Line Pump Hire. Concrete Boom Pump Hire may differ, please contact us for more details.

Can You Supply The Concrete Also?

Yes we can! Cut down on your overall costs even more by using our Concrete Delivery and Concrete Pump Hire service at the same time.

Tell Me About Savings!

Save on time and additional labour costs by getting the job done quickly and efficiently by using a concrete pump. Time is money after all!

How Do I Order A Concrete Pump?

Either use our contact us page or give or experienced team a call on 0208 751 0101 and let’s discuss your domestic or commercial project.

Concrete Pump Hire Process

  1. Asses whether you need a Ground Line Pump or Boom Pump.
  2. Use our Concrete Calculator or give our team a call and we’ll help for measurements for your project.
  3. Book in your pump for your desired time / date.
  4. Ensure there’s enough access for the pump and concrete truck. We need roughly 20m of space.
  5. Our concrete pump operator set up the pump in advance, ready for the concrete.
  6. Have your team ready to distribute and level the concrete as it’s pumped.

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Depending on the project at hand, we can supply you with either a Ground Line or Boom Concrete Pump, each having it’s own individual benefits including cutting down on manual labour costs, reducing the time it takes for project completion and a simple lack of mess.

So does your project need a Ground Line Pump or a Boom Pump? Let’s see!

The Ground Line Concrete Pump

A Line Pump is generally used for more of a direct pump over hard to navigate terrain and slippery or uneven surfaces and cut down on time wasting and labour costs. This is an ideal pump to use on dangerous and unsafe areas such as stairwells too.


Offload up to 90m from the pump


Reduce on-site labour costs


A cleaner concrete delivery with no mess


Speed up your concrete delivery


Ideal for hard to reach sites

The Boom Concrete Pump

Sometimes the destination that you need to deliver your concrete too is just unreachable by road. This is where a Boom Concrete Pump comes in. It has the ability to pump concrete over high buildings & walls, as well as over rivers and large trenches.


Removes concrete waste and spills


Reach high areas or over water with ease


Reduce on-site labour costs


Quick and easy concrete delivery


Deliver concrete in any direction

Client Testimonials

365 Concrete rated 5 Stars on Google Reviews

4.9 Star Google Rating

“I had 365 Concrete do my driveway in Shepperton. They're local and I try to support local business anyway but I'm glad I picked them. The driver was very helpful and able to back the truck up and pour direct the concrete direct to the driveway.”

Danny S.

Home Owner

“Great price, even better service. Few of my crew let me down on the day but when I saw the truck I knew I'd be able to get a straight pour. Absolute result! Will be using them again.”

David V.


“I recently ordered 6 mtrs of concrete for a house project that I'm doing. The driver was incredibly helpful and the truck they used was able to pour straight onto the site which saved me a lot of time. Great service and decent price. Will be using them again for the rest of my project..”

Steve H.

Home Owner

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