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Domestic Concrete

Foundations, Oversites, Flooring, Driveways, Patios, Garden Walls, Shed Bases, Ceilings, Walls.

Commercial Concrete

Roadworks, Motorways, Agricultural, Kerbing, Underpinning, Piling, Foundations, Offices, Storage.

Concrete Pump Hire

Professional concrete Boom Pump hire and Concrete Line Pump Hire services.

Ready Mixed Concrete

Quality concrete mixed on-site using our fleet of high-tech Volumetric concrete mobile batching plants.

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The Best Staines Concrete Suppliers

365 Concrete have been the leading concrete supplier in Staines, and the surrounding areas, for over 40 years.

We run a fleet of hi-tech volumetric concrete mixers that mix raw materials on-site.

This means that you will only ever pay for the concrete you’ve used, without any mess or fuss.


Only pay for what you use

Quick delivery

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Staines Concrete Delivery & Services

Domestic Concrete Suppliers - Call 365 Concrete for a FREE quote

Domestic Concrete In Staines

We delivery quality concrete to Staines on a daily basis and our concrete has been used for many homes in the area for footings, foundations, driveways, extensions, shed bases, garden walls and more.

Commercial Concrete Suppliers - 365 Concrete

Commercial Concrete In Staines

Construction firms both large and small have made 365 Concrete the leading concrete delivery service in Staines for motorways, roadworks, offices and trading estates all over Staines and the surrounding areas.

Concrete Pump Hire Service - Call 365 Concrete for a FREE pump quote

Concrete Pump Hire In Staines

Our Staines Concrete Pump hire service can make even the most difficult jobs easy. Cut down on expensive labour costs and time loss by hiring a Line concrete pump or Boom concrete pump from 365 Concrete.

Get a FREE quote, tap here or call: 0208 751 0101

Quality Concrete Using High Grade Materials

As a family-run business with deep roots in our delivery area, we continue to strive forward and offer our customers a professional service and a quality product every time, using locally sourced, eco-friendly and high grade materials.

We’ve always offered our customers competitive prices and have refused to let that effect the quality of our concrete, maintaining a high standard always .

Ready Mix Concrete Suppliers, EVOLVED

Using our fleet of advanced Volumetric concrete mixers, we’ve evolved the way ready mix concrete is delivered in Staines, Middlesex.

Only pay for what you use with no mess or fuss, just fresh concrete mixed on-site in seconds.

The difference between ready mix concrete and Volumetric concrete?

The only difference is that Volumetric concrete gets mixed on-site instead of pre-mixed. This means thatg if you order 6m of concrete, but only take 5.5m, with a Volumetric mixer you will only pay for 5.5m, but with pre-mixed concrete you will have to pay for the full 6m and potentially pay return fees.

Do I need to pay for excess concrete if I overorder?

No! Our fleet of Volumetric concrete mixers only mix concrete on-site, replacing the old way of using Barrel mixers to pre-mix the concrete before it arrives. This means that you will only ever pay for need or use.

Can a Volumetric concrete mixer pour concrete?

With our unique auger system, we can reach up to around 5m from the back of the truck. So if we have adequate access, we can pour the concrete directly onto the site, eliminating the need to manually push the concrete, saving you time and money!

Can I use a concrete pump with a Volumetric concrete mixer?

Our high speed volumetric mixer can easily keep up with a concrete pump, so if the jump requires a concrete pump to get to hard to reach areas, we have you covered. We can also provide a concrete pump hire service if required.

Does a Volumetric concrete mixer leave a lot of mess?

Hardly any, if at all. As we mix our concrete on-site, the only mess that our Volumetric concrete mixers will leave will be dirty water, which our operators will make sure to hose down before they leave.

Client Testimonials

“I had 365 Concrete do my driveway in Shepperton. They’re local and I try to support local business anyway but I’m glad I picked them. The driver was very helpful and able to back the truck up and pour direct the concrete direct to the driveway.”

Danny S.

Home Owner

“Great price, even better service. Few of my crew let me down on the day but when I saw the truck I knew I’d be able to get a straight pour. Absolute result! Will be using them again.”

David V.


“I recently ordered 6 mtrs of concrete for a house project that I’m doing. The driver was incredibly helpful and the truck they used was able to pour straight onto the site which saved me a lot of time. Great service and decent price. Will be using them again for the rest of my project..”

Steve H.

Home Owner

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365 Concrete are specialists in both Domestic and Commercial ready mix concrete with over 40 years of experience. We can supply concrete same day within 2 hours and you only pay for what you use.


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